Next Superman movie has its Wonder Woman

The latest news on the Man of Steel sequel is thar Fast and Furious star Gal Gadot will be the next Wonder Woman. Gal will be the first actress to play the Amazon princess in the cinema ever.

What started as a Superman sequel is fast turning into the Justice League movie and if they can tie this movie into the TV shows it’s going to be an amazing few years for DC fans.

Gal Gadot in an interesting choice of actresses to play Wonder Woman as she isn’t what fans would have exptected. At one point it looked like Thors Jamie Alexander has been cast as Gals name hasn’t even been attached to the movie.

Gal has had a good career so far through mainly modeling when she was Miss Isreal and has been in a few TV shows which might make her perfect for the part. DC and Marvel are desperate for movie stars which are comfortable working in the tie in TV shows also which makes Gal perfect for the role.

The fast Gal is a young looking actress means she probably wont be Batmans love interest in the movie and with Superman making his moves on Lois Lane she’s probably going to need her own back story and supporting actors in the movie, much more than just a walk on part.

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