New Superman Logo image

The new Superman logo is one of the latest leaked imaged from the set of the Man of Steel. This is the first clear image of the new logo and will become very familiar next year when it’s printed on every other T-shirt you see.

Superman has always been one of the most universally accepted characters in comic and movie history. No matter what costume he’s in you can always see that S from a mile away. With the reinvention of the most iconic alien in the world’s origin the S is one thing thats always going to be one thing thats recognizable.

If you want to see what it looks like on the full suit take a look at the first official Superman Costume picture from DC.

The logo is from the DC movie fan Twitter page.

We will have to wait till June 14th 2013 for the official release date of the movie to see how much else has changed in the movie reboot.